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    SNMP issue when adding new device

      Haven't seen this question posted yet;

      Recently upgraded to Toolset 10.0 and am reconfiguring the Network Performance Monitoring. The issues I am seeing is when trying to add certian devices with SNMP support they are not being discovered correctly. I will add the IP Address of the device and select the correcy community string and when NPM try to discover I receive the following error "(IP Address) is currently down, unreachable, or (community string) is not a valid SNMP Community String.

      On the previous version NPM 9.2 all the devices in question were able to be discovered through the SNMP community string and monitored correctly. Unfortunately with NPM 10.0 I have a dozen or so devices that are no longer able to be monitored through SNMP. Also when using the workspace I was able to export device list from previous NPM to the workspace but the devices in question show up as device that does not support SNMP. Trying to discover SNMP credentials in Workspace Studio does not work as well.


      APC Battery BackUp, SysObjectID; is fully managable with NPM 9.2 but can not be added as a device in version 10.0?

      Can you please help me resolve this issue?