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    Need help with a Report.

      Can some one help me write a SQL scipt. I am trying to get a report together to show the last time our Batteries were tested on our UPS's. I would like to get a list of all UPS that are over 3 years since last replacement. I have located the MIB and have it loaded in the Custom Pollers and can see the information fromthe web page. I dont know anything about SQL scipts and dont see another way in any of the other reports that would get the information. any help would be appreciated.

      This is the OID that I am trying to get into a report.


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          Hi Wiljam,

          This should be posible using the standard Report Writer reports (checked this in v9.1).

          Create a New "Current status of Nodes, Interfaces.." report.

          On the Select Fields tab, you will need to add the Network Nodes->Node Details -> Node Name and Custom Pollers (current status)->Custom Node Pollers->Status fields, others as required. 

          On the Filter Results tab, add the  Custom Pollers (current status)->Custom Node Pollers->Poller Name field, and change * to the name of your Universal Device Poller. 

          For example, the filter might look like: Poller Name is equal to xupsBatteryLastReplacedDate