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    Windows Servers SNMP stop responding to NPM.

      I am hoping someone out there can help me with this one support siad they have never heard anything like this.

      I recently installed Application Performance Monitor and Netflow Performance Monitor to NPM. The website performance became extremely unreliable and would often return errors, such as request timed out. These were Orion errors and not IIS standard response page. So I added a second NIC to the NPM server reconfigured the Website portion to be on the second NIC. Changed the DNS records. Now my routers and switch are reporting into everything just fine. (the original IP address is still active and works just fine. ) How ever none of my servers a reporting into NPM any longer. The server can still be pinged just fine from NPM, but if you try and Poll the server or list resources it reports that it is down. The servers show that they are in an up state but the NIC has the blue question mark. If I go and add the second IP address to the SNMP settings it reports in just fine than, however it will not report to the primary IP address, that net flow and SNMP on all the other devices is using.

      HAs any one experienced this type of problem before? If so were you able to fix it? I have about 150 servers that are doing this. I was able to Update the GPO's for the 2003 and 2008 servers with the new address just fine and it applied to them. The 2000 servers however were not as compliant.