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    orion server migration and upgrade question


      Good Day

      I am wondering if some may share server specs with me. Why I ask is we are upgrading our orion server deployment and hardware and an considering the requirements for the new servers, any advise would be so appreciated.


      Currently we have one 2003 server running NPM,NCM,VOIP, APM, engineering tool set , and one server for the database. It has 3 gig ram and 2 2 gig processors.

      WE are moving to a new ibm blade server. One vm for orion npm,ncm,apm,voip, engineering toolset and adding the netflow module. One new secondary polling engine on another vm, a seperate blade for the sql and another vm for an aditional web server.


      So I need to decide or recommend vm resources. I understand that netflow can be a resource issue depending on how wide the usage.