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    Modifying PollInterval in the database/Temporarily extending polling

      Currently all of our devices alert based on the default poll/alert interval.  This results in a number of pages in the wee hours of the morning.  Our goal is to configure ~50 devices to only alert after hours if they are down for more than 60 minutes, and then alert normally starting at 6AM.  

      I wrote a script to automatically change the PollInterval on the selected Nodes to 60 minutes on the ~50 devices at 11PM and then automatically change them back to 120 seconds at 6AM.  This comes really close to working, but Orion is automatically changing my PollInterval to 20 minutes (1200 seconds) after the first poll. 

      Is this a hard maximum in Orion?  Is there a better way to accomplish this?  If I can't get this to work I will look at using blackouts, but I'd like to get a page if something is down for an extended period of time.


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          There's an easier way to do what you want.  Set your polling intervals to defaults and levae them there. 

          Create two sets of alerts.  One for the daytime which alerts based on defaults.  Use the Time of Day tab to suppress those alerts at night.

          Create an equavalent nightime alert that and then set up a sustained-state trigger condition. To set up a sustained state trigger,  at the bottom of the Trigger Condition tab, provide an appropriate amount of time the alert engine should wait before any actions are performed.  In your example, it would be an hour.