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    problem with access rights when monitoring a linux machine


      Im new to using ipmonitor so this may be a silly question. When trying to set up a monitor for a linux machine I get "Access rights are insufficient". I can get the ping monitor to work without any problems but when I try to add monitoring for http or mysql I get the error about access rights. All monitors seem to work fine with windows machines. I have tried adding a new credential with username root and the root password, and adding the linux monitors to the list but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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          ipMonitor doesn't do rights/login/authentication with linux machines.  What you can do is to setup a external script that logs into a linux machine and checks some value, and you can have ipmonitor check to see that the value doesn't change.   Support had directions on how to do this.  As for the http monitor, I don't see why that wouldn't work. 

          Another idea for monitoring mysql would be to code up a page that runs some transactions against it, then check that page with a standard http monitor.