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    AIX simple monitor

       I have some old AIX systems that I'd like to monitor for the existence of a file. Preferably using a wizard that already exists. FTP would be ok too.

      I'd prefer not to have to mess around with snmp in this case.

      Can this be done using IPMon 9.01? Ideas?


      So far, both methods I mentioned above have failed. I figure I'm probably missing something simple.... Firewall does allows ftp from the IPMon server though.




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          Hello wdmail,

          There are a few ways to accomplish this:

          1. Install and configure SAMBA on the AIX system in order to allow you to share the directory which contains the file you wish to monitor.  You can then use the File Property Monitor with a UNC path.

          2. If Apache or any web server application is installed on the AIX system, you could add a web host which hosts the directory containing the file you wish to monitor.  You could then use the HTML/ASP Monitor to request the file and look for specific text within the file if needed.

          3. Host the directory containing the file over FTP and use the FTP User Experience Monitor to connect, request the file and ensure the file checksum has not changed on the file.

          Let me know if have any further questions regarding this.


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            We do this quite a bit using the custom monitor with plink.exe.