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    Cisco ASA SSL Poller Support?


      I've created (and uploaded) a poller that displays the currently active number of SSL Tunnels on your ASA. It looks good as far as the poller itself, however when I try to run the poller I get an OID Unsupported. We're running 5520's in 8.0.4 which is the latest and greatest, so you'd think it would be supported.

      Could someone else with ASAs give it a go and let me know what happens..

      Here's my poller:

      Cisco ASA SSL Tunnels





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          We have 5550's running 8.0(4)3 I have the same Custom poller running works fine and its the same OID as yours... So its not your custom poller :(

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            Nothing happened when I clicked on the link.

            The whole ASA MIB structure seems in flux.  Version 8.0(4)23 uses cipSecGlobalActiveTunnels but not crasNumSessions.  ASA Version 8.2(2) uses crasNumSessions but not cipSecGlobalActiveTunnels.   seems to use neither.

            Does anyone have MORE DETAIL on explaining these various MIBs than what is provided in the MIB structure itself?  Some of the explanations are rather sparse.  What's the best way to count LAN to LAN sessions, remote user sessions, and how many are maximum possible for each?  Is crasMaxSessionsSupportable a maximum or EITHER/OR?