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    PREVIEW and DESIGN views in Report Writer - is this a bug or user problem?


      is this a bug or can someone explain what i may be doing wrong? when using Report Writer - i often see differences between PREVIEW and DESIGN.

      for instance, these two screenshots show this - notice the differences in DATE TIME in Preview and then in Design. or is this a non-issue and can be expected?



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          You might have found a bug.

          If you edit your Report and Select the Summarization tab, selecting a Summarization  setting (Hour, Week, Month) will solve the issue.

          However the  Summarization options do not allow you to summarize with something lower than an  hour, if you need to show e.g. each ten minutes there is a work around detailed  below:

          Set the Summarization parameter to one hour.

          Click on  Report Show SQL.

          Click on the SQL Tab. Copy the query in  Notepad.

          Change the below line  from:

          Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast(DateTime as Float)*24)/24,0) AS  SummaryDateTime


          Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast(DateTime as  Float)*144)/144,0) AS SummaryDateTime

          And the below line  from:

          GROUP BY Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast(DateTime as  Float)*24)/24,0)


          GROUP BY Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast(DateTime  as Float)*144)/144,0)

          to show an entry each ten minutes.

          Modify  the ( DateTime BETWEEN 39814 AND 39845 ) string in the where  condition:


          DateDiff (m, DateTime, getdate()) =  1

          for the last month.


          DateDiff (wk, DateTime,  getdate()) = 1

          for the last week.


          DateDiff (d,  DateTime, getdate()) = 30

          for the last 30 days.

          More info about  the DateDiff function:http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189794.aspx

          Once the query is ready, Create an advanced SQL report.

          File  > New Report Select the Advanced SQL Type and click on Ok. Paste your SQL  query and click on Execute/Preview. Save you report.

          Let me know if  that helps.