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    Reproducible NPM 9.1 SP3 System Manager Bug


      I came across a bug a in System Manager the other day that I've managed to reproduce at will. Not sure if it's worth my time opening a support ticket for since I've managed to find a workaround, but I thought it was worthy of mentioning anyhow.

      To reproduce complete the following steps in order.

      #1 Change the IP address an actual physical device that's already being monitored by Orion using SNMPv3

      #2 Go into the Orion System Manager and open the node details page for the device you just changed the IP address on, and Change the IP address to the new IP address you assigned in step #1.

      #3 Click Apply Settings

      #4 Now notice that it doesn't work and how System Manager is unable to communicate with the device.

      #5 For sanity's sake try "Validate SNMP" and watch it fail also.

      The workaround is pretty stupid, but works. What I've found is if I change the node to SNMPv2 while also changing the IP address, clicking the "apply changes" button works perfectly. Then I just change it back to SNMPv3 and everything works great.

      A strange bug indeed, but nothing I'm going to waste hours on with support.