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    Orion could use a 'global node health'

      Hi there.  I just got off the phone with support, and I am surprised that Orion will not alert based on the concept of global node health.

      I'm concerned primarily with the creation of Universal Device Pollers.  Let's say you create one to monitor a Dell Server's logical disk status (bad HDD in raid array).  What would make things easy for me is for the failure of that universal device poller to mean something to the overall health of the node, both visually on the web page and also as a condition you would want to alert on because if affects the global health of the server.

      I realize that you wouldn't want every universal device poller you create to degrade the health of and cause an alert on the node, so it would be an option at poller creation time to make it degrade the health of any node it's polling with.


      As a workaround, I will be creating many more alerts than I otherwise might, and I don't have a heads up view of down pollers, only interfaces.

      For our purposes, it would be a lot worse for the temperature in the data center or a hard disk to have failed in a netapp filer than for an interface to go down, which seems to be the only thing that triggers a visual change to a node on the web.