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    Reverse Proxy for orion - hints, errors and infos

      Hello together,

      here some info regarding the use of a reverse proxy to access the
      orion webconsole. As well, as some questions and 'improvements'
      for 'better code quality by solarwind'.

      For customer a scenario is needed:

      https://<domain>/solarwind -> http://<internal IP>:20080

      while under the internal IP Solarwind Orion is running.

      Now, I used Apache 2.2.11 as a reverse Proxy with
      mod_proxy and mod_proxy_html modules.
      The proxy configuration is:

          ProxyPass /solarwind/
          ProxyHTMLURLMap /solarwind
          <Location /solarwind/>
              ProxyPassReverse /
              ProxyHTMLURLMap / /solarwind/
              ProxyHTMLURLMap /solarwind /solarwind
              ProxyHTMLURLMap //<![CDATA[ <!--<![CDATA[-->
              ProxyHTMLURLMap //]]> <!--//]]>-->
              ProxyHTMLURLMap //--> <!--//-->
              ProxyHTMLURLMap // <!---->
              RequestHeader    unset  Accept-Encoding
              RequestHeader set Referer

      This will work to show the GUI partly. Now comes the first trick
      to avoid errors by bad programming (sorry solarwind...).
      While some images and scripts are refered through an 'unknown'
      (maybe the solarwind own ISAPI Proxy Rewrite dll) mechanism,
      they will not load. So create under your apache documentroot a
      copy of the solarwind install folder from IIS inetpub, and refer to
      it with:
             Alias /Orion        D:/ServerApplications/SolarWinds/Orion
             <Directory D:/ServerApplications/SolarWinds/Orion>
                  Order allow,deny
                  Allow from all
      This fixes some problems, mainly with css and images.

      The second bad code parts are the In-Script comments used,
      e.g. //<![CDATA[. I showed a way to rewrite them in above
      proxy configuration. But there are still some left.
      Use FF error console to find them.

      The last error will occure, when you want to see the nodes.
      Then the server will bring up an error 'Server error: The server
      method 'GetTreeSection' failed.'. This function seems also be
      used when selected 'Overview'. You CAN show without problems
      the single nodes. This seems working.

      Maybe another user has some hints to avoid above mention
      problems. Mainly the problem with the Server error.
      (Use of apache is needed, no other proxy server will be available)

      best regards

        • Re: Reverse Proxy for orion - hints, errors and infos

          Another approach would be to server all public HTTP requests to the  Orion through Apache and using Rewrite Engine. What you would  need to do is (example!!! - needs adjustments):

          1. make sure your Apache has following


          2. configure virtual host on Apache, something like that

          <VirtualHost    *:80>

          ServerName nms.domain.com
          ServerAdmin admin@nms.domain.com
          DocumentRoot /some/location/orion
          Options +FollowSymlinks
          ProxyVia On

          3.  in above location (at least I use this approach - you can put that in  above vhost configuration if you like but this way you won't need to  restart Apache every time you want to do something) create file  .htaccess and put something like that in it

          RewriteEngine On
          RewriteBase /
          RewriteRule (.*) http://ORION-IP:80/$1 [P,L]

          I do hope this will help with configuration. There are still some issues with this approach  but these are being worked on by Development.