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    Acknlowledge an Alert via link or url


      I am trying to make it possible for someone who is already loged into the Orion Network Performance Monitor web console to acknowledge an alert by using a link or url that can be sent in an alert email.

      I looked at the scripting of the alert.aspx page and found that the check boxes have values such as:

      field name: ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1&alertsReport$table$ctl05$cbAlert


      I believe the first half of the string to be something like the session of the alert.aspx

      The second part appears to be either/all of: ${netobjectid}, ${interfaceid}, and/or ${objectid}

      Hopefully somebody who is good at asp will be able to make sense of this. My goal is to get something to pass in a url to acknowledge the alert. Might look like this: