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    Showing Graph from different nodes


      I'd like to take various graphs from different nodes and list them all on one page on the Orion Website.  Similar to the Network Trends page.  Does anyone know if this is possible?

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          Hi mstensta,

           You can do it by using the "Custom HTML or Text" Resource type. The procedure is not obvious to detail...but I'll try. I assume you are using Orion version 9.1 as the code to use is different in that version compared to the previous ones.

           First of all you will have to create a new view

          Login the web console as an admin > click on Admin on the top bar > Manage Views

          Click on Add and type the name of your view. Select Summary for the type of view. Click on Submit.

           Click on +  to add one or more Custom HTML or Text resources > Expand "Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous Resources" and select "Custom HTML or Text".

          Click on Submit and repeat those steps to add more graphs...

           Click on Preview and keep it opened. Click on Done on the first page.

          Browse the web console to display a node page. There click on the title of the graph you wish to add in your view. e.g. Average Time & Packet Loss.

          It will open the resource in a new page. There Right-Click somewhere on the page (but not on the chart) and display its source code.

          Make a search on the following pattern: img src="/Orion

          Copy the <img src=.../> tag and its content: e.g. :

          < img src="/Orion/NetPerfMon/Chart.aspx?ChartName=AvgRT&amp;Title=&amp;SubTitle=&amp;SubTitle2=&amp; \\
          Width=640&amp;Height=0&amp;NetObject=N:78&amp;CustomPollerID=&amp;Rows=&amp;SampleSize=1H&amp; \\
          Period=Last Month&amp;PlotStyle=&amp;FontSize=1&amp;NetObjectPrefix=N&amp;SubsetColor=&amp; \\
          RYSubsetColor=&amp;ResourceID=14" style="border-width:0px;" / >

          I added spaces besides the tags and in the string in order to display it correctly in the post.

          Go back to the Preview page and edit the Custom HTML or Text resource, paste the code you copied in the Raw HTML field. Edit the name if you wish.

          Click on Submit.

          Use the same procedure for the rest of the graphs you need to add.


          Once done, you might want to add a link on the top bar to access that custom view. Copy the URL of your Preview page.

          Click on Admin > Customize Menu Bars

          Edit your bar. Click on + to add a new link. Go to the very bottom and click on Add Custom Menu Item. Type a name and paste the URL of your custom view.

          Click on Submit and so on...

          Hope that helps.