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    alerting on a custom poller

      Hi All,

      I have a custom poller set up on an OID to monitor my environment monitor. That bits great and I can see the temperature of my server roon in orion. However, now I would like to set up an alert if it gets above a certain temp. i have gone into advanced alerts andam having problems setting up the trigger.

      At the moment it looks like this:-




      can someone help out as I really have no idea what i am doing!!. I am not sure I should be looking at the numeric status and not sure what variables to use.





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          Hi Paul,

          Here is how I usually setup advanced alerts for UnDP/Custom Pollers;


          • Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Alert Manager
          • Click on Configure Alerts
          • Click on new to configure a new alert.
          • Type a name for your new alert.
          • Select the Trigger Condition tab.
          • For the type of property to monitor select Custom Node Poller or Custom Interface Poller. this will filter the condition options you will be allowed to use.
          • Add two simple conditions by clicking on the three dots.


          First condition will be
          • Poller Name is equal to "Poller Name to select with the drop down button"

            Poller name can be selected under Custom Node Pollers > Poller Name

          Second condition will be
          • Poller Status is equal/greater/less/etc. than "Value"

            Poller Status can be selected under Custom Node Pollers > Status.


          Once Selected this you can setup any alert actions you need by configuring the Trigger Actions tab.