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    Alert Test Questions

      I have questions about Alerts sent for two different types of monitors.

      First, I have an alert configured for a Physical Memory monitor and I am using the token %monitorstatus%, which sends something like:
      Both thresholds, last value and short term, have been exceeded; rtt: 18ms; avail: 168.06 MB; avail: 4.10%; avail-avg: 4.10%

      Is it possible to extract certain information from the %monitorstatus% token?  Rather than have all of that information sent in the email, I would really like to be able to just send "168.06 MB, 4.10% available" or something like that.

      Second, I have an Eventlog monitor and an Information alert configured for it.  My content generator is using the %capture[timewritten]% token, but gives a value like 20081023030003.000000-240.  Is it possible to send that time value in a more human-readable format like "10/23/2008 3:03AM"?