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    SNMP Traps with Orion v9 vs Engineer Toolset


      I've setup SNMP traps from a Certificate Authority (Entrust CA software application) OID=

      I can see this OID when browsing with Engineer Toolset SNMP Trap Editor but cannot see this OID when I browse with Orion v9 Trap Viewer.

      Q1. Do these two applications (Orion and Engineer Toolset) have different MIB dbases?

      Q2. If this OID is not in Orion MIB dbase can I still trigger alerts on specific event return codes?


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          1. Yes, the MIBs.cfg file is located for each application as follows:
            • Orion: \Program Files\SolarWinds\Common
            • Toolset v9: \Program Files\SolarWinds\Engineer's Toolset\
            Just copy the MIBs update file to both locations in order to have both applications updated.
          2. I can't say for certain but you should be able to. I'm going off of the fact that you can setup a UnDP poller with an OID even if you can't browse to it.