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    Outage report not working....


      I have added the following Outage report to our Orion Reports collection awhile back but noticed it isn't working and not sure why. I know I have had outages but this doesn't show me anything.

      I looked at the data in the Events table and I see EventTypes of everything but a 1 so I am not sure what the 1 signifies. 

      I have the same report on another server on another network and it works fine.

      SELECT StartTime.EventTime, Nodes.Caption, Nodes.Location,StartTime.Message, DATEDIFF(Mi, startTime.EventTime,
      (SELECT TOP 1 EventTime
      FROM Events AS Endtime
      WHERE EndTime.EventTime > StartTime.EventTime AND EndTime.EventType = 5 AND EndTime.NetObjectType = 'N' AND EndTime.NetworkNode = StartTime.NetworkNode
      ORDER BY EndTime.EventTime)) AS OutageDurationInMinutes
      FROM Events StartTime INNER JOIN Nodes ON StartTime.NetworkNode = Nodes.NodeID
      WHERE (StartTime.EventType = 1) AND (StartTime.NetObjectType = 'N') AND month(eventtime) = month(getdate())
      ORDER BY Nodes.Caption ASC