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    Adv Alerting on Custom Poller Changes (8.5.1)


      I have a custom poller assigned to my Cisco ASAs, which I use to report who is the active firewall.  (Active/Standby pairing)  The custom poller is working normally and either reports "Primary firewall is active" or "Standby firewall is active".  However, my advanced alert does not send an email.  Alert trigger is defined per the attached screenshot.  I've renamed the ( OID to "FW_Status".

      This OID either reports back a "9" or a "10", depending on who is the active firewall.  I have a basic enumeration map to translate the numbers to the phrases of who is active.

      What am I missing in this alert?  Isn't the "9" and "10" values, that I enumerate to "Primary firewall is active" and "Standby firewall is active" part of the "Description"?  Please advise.