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    Quad core CPU radial gauges on Nodes detail page and reporting


      On the nodes detail page which CPU is being shown and how do you show all CPU cores on the server?

      I can't seem to find out how to do this or I am missing something with the universal pollar and creating something for a custom poller to do this. I am having issues with the Universal custom poller on getting it to display anything I select. That may be just me needing to work with this a bit more.

      In any case how do I get a quad core server to display a radial guage for all cores on a server on the nodes detail page and then check all threshholds on all cores for load?

      I also need to have a report that runs and works with quad core servers as well since I am assuming that the current report that I use to report on CPU load is for only 1 core and not all cores on the server.

      My current report is like this

      SELECT  TOP 10000 Nodes.Caption AS NodeName,
      Nodes.IP_Address AS IP_Address,
      Nodes.CPULoad AS CPULoad,
      MAX(CPULoad.MaxLoad) AS MAX_of_MaxCPULoad,
      Nodes.TotalMemory AS TotalMemory,
      AVG(CPULoad.AvgPercentMemoryUsed) AS AVERAGE_of_AvgPercentMemoryUsed,
      MAX(CPULoad.MaxMemoryUsed) AS MAX_of_MaxMemoryUsed,
      Nodes.PercentMemoryUsed AS PercentMemoryUsed

      Nodes INNER JOIN CPULoad ON (Nodes.NodeID = CPULoad.NodeID)

      ( DateTime BETWEEN 39661.3844791667 AND 39662.4166666667 )
        (Nodes.PercentMemoryUsed >= 80)


      I really can't believe that I have overlooked this or this has not been asked before, maybe it is reporting on all CPU cores but I do need to get that clarified since we are reporting on server load and adjusting our SQL servers and Applications as to what Solarwinds is reporting and if we are only reporting on 1 CPU core on multi-threaded applications then this is giving us false readings.

      Thanks in advance for any help on this