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    Orion - 32 bit VS 64 Bit OS


      I am in the process of getting a new server for Orion setup. Currenlty we have Orion, NetFlow, Cirrus and SQL all on one box. Right now our Orion SL250 manages 413 elements (99 nodes, 155 interfaces, 159 volumes) and it is a little sluggish when using NetFlow. Orion is set to the suggested default polling times. We manage three interfaces with NetFlow on our border router (Cisco 2821). I am going to get the fastest Dell server I can, dual Xeons, SAS 15k rpm drives etc. Would it be worth my while to go to Server 2003 64 bit or would I not notice a dfference between that and Server 2003 Enterprise. Assume at least 8 gig of ram in each scenario. From what I have read, Cirrus will need to be moved to another box because it deoosn't work right on a 4 bit OS. I would rpefer to not move SQL to a seperate box. I do keep the OS on a seperate set of drives and I do have a fast SAN available.