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    Web reports stop working after a while

      I have what I consider an interesting issue :-)

      In our Network Operations Center we have the obligatory overhead projected screen with the current network status from Orion projected on it.  In two columns in this view I have "embedded" custom web reports that are basically a trimmed down version of the "Nodes with Problems" and "Top 10 interfaces by Percent Utilization" resources.  After a while of refreshing this page every 5 minutes, web reports just stop running.  If I go into the web reports menu, and try to run any report, it just gives me a blank page where the report should be (see attachment).  If I go into the report writer on the web server and run the report, I can get the data, so it would appear to me to be something with the web server portion of the software.  Restarting IIS doesn't seem to help it, I have to reboot the web server.

      Anyone else experienced this?