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    How to customize Orion Web


      I know there is a whole thread on How do you cusomize Orion but Solarwinds doesn't respond or post on HOW they have customized their Solarwinds Orion that they use to show off to new costumers. My boss just got back from interop in Las Vegas and he said that Solarwinds had their version of Orion all tricked out and looking really sweet and wants our version to look simular to theirs. I told him that out of the box and this is what we get and that I was no programmer or webpage guru so that may take some time to do.

      I was hoping that those who setup Orion for Solarwinds would post some how too's on here that help those of us that have limited or no experience in webdesign to make our pages look better.

      Biggest thing that I would like to be able to do is add tabs on the menu bar, how can you do this WITHOUT 3rd party software.

      I will update this post when I get more info on what Solarwinds did in Vegas that my boss would like to see on ours but if you were at InterOp some of you could share with the rest of us who didn't get to go.

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          Patrick Hubbard

          Thanks for the post and I’m glad you liked the booth.  I built all the demos for the show and am happy to tell you what I did.  Just for background, although I was a programmer in a former life, I’m more interested in content than development, and I didn’t do any custom programming for the show.  Everything you saw was out-of-the-box Orion configuration.  I had three different Orion demos in the booth.


          Here’s what I did on the “local” demo- the one which managed all of the gear at the show:

          1. Set up fourteen PC’s, two switches and two routers in the booth, split the connector cables into two bunches and plugged them at random into the two switches
          2. Installed Orion and the NetFlow and APM modules
          3. Ran the Orion discovery wizard and automatically pulled everything on my booth LAN into Orion.
          4. Logged into the Orion web console as Admin
          5. Clicked the APM tab, set the WMI credential and added monitors for all the SQL servers, Exchange, Orion, AD and some other apps I installed earlier on the PC’s
          6. Used the free SolarWinds NetFlow Configurator tool to get the gateway router emitting NetFlow to Orion
          7. Clicked the NetFlow tab, and added my gateway router interface to Interop to the list of NetFlow emitters
          8. Opened MapMaker and imported an image of the booth plan I got from marketing, and dragged all the devices from the inventory tray onto the map to match their positions in the booth
          9. Opened the Toolset Switch Port Mapper and connected to the two switches I randomly jammed all the Ethernet connectors into and it quickly showed me which machine was on which interface
          10. Went back to MapMaker and added links from each device back to it’s corresponding switch, selecting it’s connected interface
          11. Tweaked a couple of views in the Admin tab
          12. Set the admin password

          Done.  Total time, about 30 minutes including the Orion install and NetFlow configuration.


          On the “hero” theater Orion demo I started with the on line demo, and spent about an hour customizing views.  All the views were default, i.e. I didn’t create any custom views, I just added NetFlow and maps to a few pages, and reordered the default resources on a few pages.