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    AppInsight for Exchange - Remote Configuration Failed




      After rereading all the support articles it looked like the issue was caused by the authentication providers being in the wrong order within IIS



      Hey everyone


      I've been having a pretty horrific time with AppInsight for Exchange the last few days.

      I deployed 2 new exchange 2013 servers in our environment, And they are identical (except for the obvious things like IP address and hostname ). I added them both to Solarwinds and added the AppInsight monitor to them, the first server added fine and AppInsight kicked in straight away but the second server is giving me this nonsense.



      Regardless of which credentials I use the "TEST CONNECTION" button just spins as "Testing..." and never finishes and the "CONFIGURE SERVER" button just gives me


      I've tried every troubleshooting article I can find online and tried configuring the server manually but I still can't get this to add.


      can someone give me some advice before I snap? haha