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    How do I earn Badges?


      I see the items under reputation - places that all say "You haven't earned any badges here" and they show amounts of points that have been earned.  Is there a description of the requirements needed to earn these badges somewhere?




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          I found this THWACK Post whilst looking for the same answer.


          We will look forward to your explanation.

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            Badges are earned by participating actively in Thwack.  Ask questions, answer questions, create polls, make Feature Requests, submit white papers, and more.


            One of the most popular ways to earn badges is to participate in the Monthly Missions by answering the questions correctly for the entire month and you get a badge.  Answer five questions correctly in a week and you're automatically entered to win a prize for that week.  Do it four weeks in a row and you've not only had chances for four different prizes, but you can also win the Monthly Mission prize--and you get a badge for that month's mission by answering all questions correctly.


            To see what missions are available to you, and to learn how to complete them and earn points, click on your profile picture in the top right area of Thwack.  In the window that opens, look on the left side for "Missions".  Click it and start browsing missions you can take to earn points.




            Perhaps the easiest and most interesting way to earn badges is to start here and learn how to get the most out of this free resource:




            The more active you are, the more points and badges you'll earn.  The more points you're awarded the more things you can get in the Thwack Store.


            How to earn points:   THWACK Point System - Updated March 6, 2018


            After a while you'll have a load of badges!



            And you'll also have earned a bunch of points, and you've probably spent some points on some excellent Thwack Store products, like the Thwack Pack computer backpack, or T-Shirts, Socks, Mugs, USB chargers, and more.



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