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    Custom Table to show how long a node has been down for


      Hi All,

      I created this a couple years back on an older version on solarwinds. I have moved it to a new environment on latest version of solarwinds. The StatusLED is showing as Down.gif not the Icon LED. What am I missing? Also the link on the node is not work either (take you details page of node). Any help greatly appreciated.


      select distinct NodeID, Caption AS NodeName, StatusLED, Criticality, Support_Group,  'http://solarwinds..com/Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N:'+CAST(n.NodeID as varchar(256)) as 'DetailsURL',

             convert(varchar(10), ( DATEDIFF(SECOND,MaxTriggeredDate,GETUTCDATE())/86400)) + 'd ' +

             convert(varchar(10), (( DATEDIFF(SECOND,MaxTriggeredDate,GETUTCDATE()+1)%86400)/3600)) + 'h '+

             convert(varchar(10), ((( DATEDIFF(SECOND,MaxTriggeredDate,GETUTCDATE()+1)%86400)%3600)/60)) + 'm ' as 'Active_time'

      from [dbo].[Nodes] n

      left join (select RelatedNodeId, MaxTriggeredDate=max(LastTriggeredDateTime) from AlertObjects

                           --where AlertID in ('43','49','109','92','410','269','223','271')

                           group by RelatedNodeId) ao on n.NodeID=ao.RelatedNodeId

      where STATUS= '2'


      or STATUS='2'

             and comments is null

      order by Criticality ASC