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    Top XX application per interface


      Hello Everyone,

      Since this is my first post Good morning/afternoon.


      Do you know by chance how to make a widget (graph) that will show you TOP XX applications per interface.

      My goal is to have single dashboard that will have multiple widgets with TOP XX application for given interface.





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          Assuming you are running one of the recent versions you could use the Perfstack feature to build your widget


          Go to My Dashboards > Home > Performance Analysis


          + Add entities, hit the drop down at the top that says Node and change it to Interfaces, then find the netflow sources you are looking for and add them.


          Click an interface in the left column, it will list off all the available metrics in the second column. You would be looking for Netflow Conversation > Bytes (we want netflow applications but this is actually a display bug that should get fixed in a later release).  Drag that row onto the chart area to the right, repeat for all the other interfaces and you would end up with something like this.  Save the whole deal, then go to the view you want to add the widget to, it will be in the list under whatever name you gave it when you saved.


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