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    World Wide Map (Unknown)


      Since the update to 11.5 I have noticed that on the world wide map the Nodes are grouped togther into one "plot" when you zoom out.. but when you hover over that "plot" all the devices show as Unknown..



      If you zoom in its fine but when in this Top level view its breaks..


      Any ideas?

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          We experienced a similar problem. The first thing I did was shut off the geo locate function for placing nodes based on coordinates. We don't use this function and all it managed to do was screw up my maps. During upgrade this should have been set to unchecked as opposed to the default checked.


          I also noticed that there seems to be a new World Wide Map resource. When I went in to customize the page I found that the WWM resource had a slightly different name. I put the new one on my page and deleted the old one and everything came back. Of course I had to clean up all the damage but at least it was working right again.



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              Worwide_Map_Location_Unknown.PNG. In the popup, rather than try to display Group titles ("Unknown" since no associated groups exist for the aggregates), why not just display the name of the two locations?

            For instance, in the above case, we have devices in Morrisville, NC and Raleigh, NC. While the "Street Address" fields in the WorldMapPoints table differs for the associated devices, the lat/lon info for these is the same. The map app could use the Reverse Geocode function of the MapQuest API to extract a text location from this lat/lon (or even from an interpolated lat/lon) and display those locations instead of "Unknown" groups of devices.



            You could even add a parentheses after each location showing the number of devices for each location:


            Love the possibilities of this feature, but it really irks me when it gets released before simple things like this get resolved.

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              Hi, when will this be resolved?




              You say when manually placing groups on the map, i shouldn´t see the problem.  I´ve manually added all locations via their GPS coordinates, and i am seeing the issue.  It´s really annoying.  A fix would be appreciated.



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                Still seeing this happening on 12.4 in 2019...However, if you go to Manage Map > Select the group on the map > On the far right, you will see an 'Edit' link. Once there, on the bottom, you'll see 'Name of location'. Once that's filled in, the 'Unknown' captions will go away.

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