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    How to configure dependents dropdowns


      I am attempting to create some initial service catalog items and am trying to implement independent drop-downs, which seem unnecessarily complicated.

      I want to have a form where you can choose a type of resource (mailbox, folder, distribution list, etc) and then a different pop-up comes when you choose each. I'm having a really hard time creating anything other than dropdowns that lead to more dropdowns but Distro list isn't going to be a drop-down.

      Type of resource (dropdown w/ mailbox, folder, distribution list, etc)

      Choose Mailbox > another dropdown appears with various permission levels
      Choose Folder> another drop-down appears with various permission levels to foldersDistro list > A text box requestings members info


      I read the instructions below but it's very basic and doesn't include nesting anything other than dropdowns.

      I would really like to see if anyone has had much luck creating forms using nested/dependent fields like that or has an idea of how I can?


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          Hi sanen85,

          Thank you for your query!
          In order to create a dependent dropdown in SolarWinds Service Desk it is keen to work backwards. You start with creating the last Variable/question you want to ask the end user. After doing this you can create a dependent dropdown which refers to these Variables/questions.

          In your example you can start with creating a Dropdown for the Mailbox.

          Then a Multi Picklist for the folders where permission is required for.

          And then a free text field for the Distribution list.

          After this is done, we can start creating a dependency in the variables. This can be done by selecting the field type "Dependent Dropdown". Once this type is selected you have the option to select values to refer to, this can be variables that you have already created or you can start typing a value which will not have a dependency connected to it.

          Once this is set you can go ahead and test out your new dependend dropdown.

          I hope this helped!
          Feel free to reach out when you have any additional questions regarding this.

          Ramon Geertjens
          Sales Engineer - SolarWinds Service Desk

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              This looks like what I'm looking for, I will try to implement it and let you know whether it was successful. I was hoping to be able to choose the "Mailbox" option and have a field pop up that specifically asks for "Mailbox Permissions" but it seems like the dependent field has to have the same name as the as option selected in the previous question. Is that an accurate statement? For instance, in your example when someone selects "Mailbox", the pop-up with the permission levels is also named Mailbox. This is particularly an issue with the Distro list since there is a text box that should be requesting a list of members but it isn't clear what's being asked.

              Another question: Is it possible to have a SECONDARY field show up when something is selected? For instance, if someone chooses folder or mailbox, I'd also like a "Users" text field to pop up along the permission level field. ramongeertjens