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    Create Container with Parent in Powershell

    Anthony Ussery

      I can't seem to get a script of mine working, can someone help me figure this out?  I'm still pretty new to using the API and I maybe touch PowerShell twice a year, so this is kinda new territory for me.  Whenever I try to run it, it asks me for the EntityName, so I already know it doesn't work like it does in my head.


      Here's the script:








      #Credentials should be passed from outside in a variable called $cred.


      # Connect to SWIS

      $hostname = "localhost"

      $swis = Connect-Swis -Credential $cred -host $hostname


      # Define Properties

      $newContainerProps = @{

          parentID = $parentID;

          Name = $name;

      statusCalculator = $statCalc;


          # === default values ===


          frequency = 60;

          owner = 'CORE'

          Description = 'Active-Passive Pair of Service Monitors'

          pollingEnabled = 'TRUE'



      #Create the Container

      Invoke-SwisVerb $swis -Verb createContainerWithParent -Arguments $newContainerProps