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    Alert for nodes in a group


      I've been combing through thwack and there are various posts on this subject, each addressing slightly different version of Orion.


      I want to create an alert for a node that is not up, for member nodes of specific groups.


      For example if server1 goes down and its a member of the Node Group Exchange, then send an email

      or (as a separate alert) if server2 goes down and its a member of the Node Group ERP, then send an email


      This seems simple but I can't find an easy way to do it.

      I have SolarWinds Orion 2015 1.2, SAM, 6.2.1, DPA 9.2. NCH 7.4, NPM 11.5.2


      Thank you for any help!!



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          There is a built-in alert named "Alert me when a group goes into warning or critical state"


          "This alert will write to the event log when a group goes into warning or critical state and when a group comes back up again."


          This alert will trigger when a group member goes down (group is still up) or all the members in the group go down (group is down)


          This should work for you.


          you would have to configure the trigger action to send an e-mail

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            Did you find a solution? Only way I have found was enabling complex conditions. Under secondary section, selecting group.

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                WARNING: This is not a direct answer to the question, it's an alternative solution.


                Groups in Orion are difficult to use in alerting.  You can go through the motions of trying to alert on Groups, or Group Members, and sometimes that will work for your situation.  The real solution is in using custom SWQL queries that are difficult and cumbersome for most situations.


                My suggestion is to NOT use groups.  Use custom properties.  You could create a custom property on the node, called something like "node_alert_group".  Assign it a value of "Exchange", then you can use that in the alert much easier. 


                If you still want the actual group for other reasons, then make a dynamic group where all of the nodes have that custom property set.

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