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    Can we create a Email notification to the  Solarwinds node Groups ?


      HI Experts ,

          We  as a centralized network  management system we  are managing  around 3000 devices.

      1) My  query is can we create Alert(Email  notification ) for Group(node group).

      2)If we can create can  we write condition that if more than three  devices were down in a group then the Group alert should thorough a notification  and no alerts should be triggered on other nodes which are  down.

         We have monitoring all nodes and we have alerts created .When any huge outage happens we will  receive a bulk  no.of incidents. In order  or reduce we will  suppress  the alerts if we have

      informed earlier but if it not planned then we  will receive bulk no.of incidents.


          to  avoid this can I suggest the team to  create  an alert for Group ?

      If we have huge node  down for a location we should get an alert from Group  and the individual alerts should be stopped.....Because for every single node down we would have alert for it.

      If  a Group  throws an alert then the alerts configured for the individual  nodes should be stopped.This is my  query.


      Can we automate this?


         Need your suggestions and solutions for this