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    How do I pull in data from most recent "down" node?


      Current Versions:

      Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.765]

      Python 3.7.3


      I am just starting out using different API's to make work a little bit easier. I have been tasked with helping the network department on a project. What they use for keeping track of what nodes are online/offline is SolarWinds, I am completely new to SolarWinds and am looking for guidance. What I am trying to do is for example when Node X goes down, it initiates my python script, then the script will get Node X's details from the database that's connected. I've looked through the github repo for the OrionSDK but I don't really know how to use what they are saying.


      If someone could help get me connected to the Orion database then just pull in the most current node that is "down" that would be great. If I could just get that data from the node, I have everything else figured out. Apologies if this is a duplicate question.