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    SAM & NPM: Firewall Requirements from Server/Client and vice versa


      Good afternoon all,


      I have been struggling to find the appropriate information here, so I'm hoping that you can help me out. I'm looking to setup our Solarwinds Console to perform WMI monitoring of 5 servers at 5 different sites. Ideally this is particularly just simply going to be using WMI to communicate between each. In order to accommodate this, I have to open up the firewalls at each of the sites to allow the specific traffic going through. I have been looking through the documentation for both NPM and SAM, and unfortunately I'm nowhere closer knowing what ports need to leave the clients to the server, and what ports need to leave the server to the clients.


      Do I only need to open up WMI ports (1024-65535) bi-directionally? Do I need to be able to ping (icmp-echo, icmp-echo-reply) as well?