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    Noise reduction


      Need help on below scenario...


      For a device I am getting high packet loss critical alert. within few minutes as packet loss recovers and value reached below critical threshold and above warning threshold... i am getting warning alert. If someone can help to set condition so i'll not get warning alerts after it recovering from critical threshold. If Warning condition remain as it is even after say 10 minutes, i am ok to receive warning alert but not in case i have mentioned above. eg. got critical alert at 4 PM and as system started recovering got warning alert at 4:03 PM

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          It sounds like you want to set up a custom reset condition.


          Instead of resetting the critical alert once the condition is no longer true, set a special reset condition (bottom option) that is below the warning threshold. For example, if Warning is 75, critical is 90, make your reset condition 70 or below.