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    Using VMan to monitor/alarm on vCenter alerts/notifications




      Is it possible to use Virtualization Manager to read vCenter alerts/notifications and create an alarm for specific events? If so, has anyone had success if configuring this? From my understanding of VMan, it only retrieves certain performance metrics - not the logs/events?


      For example, the virtualization guys have alerts like the following that they want to be able to see in VMan:

      - Cluster deleted

      - Cluster high availability error

      - DRS disabled on cluster

      - HA disabled on cluster

      - Resource Pool deletion

      - Scheduled task failure

      - Datastore deleted

      - Duplicate datastore detection

      - Host shutdown (i.e. someone trigged a shutdown, not that the host is no longer reachable)

      - Host license errors




      There are also several alerts for host hardware status (fan status, power status, temperature status, etc). I couldn't find any of these in the attributes listing. This environment does have access to an NPM server (we cannot integrate with Vman) but it cannot retrieve hardware health data from the hosts (I suspect server hardware health requires SAM?)


      Any thoughts or suggestions?