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    Create an alert for a SNMP trap received in Trap Viewer


      I need to create an alert for the trap which contains the text "M3 Grid PRD" in trap details. There is no reset trap received. The traps received from this server contains only the problem with the text M3 Grid PRD. I have tried to create alert with color code only by editing your SQL query mentioned in this article, but I guess I am missing something. Please find below the SQL query I have entered in trigger condition.


      where NodeID in

      (SELECT a.NodeID FROM traps a with (nolock) where colorcode=33023 and acknowledged=0



      Also, please let me know the varbind value which should I use in the alert.


      We have also integrated Service Now in our SolarWinds console. Is there any way to get the trap details in the description of ticket generated from solarwinds when the alert gets triggered so that we can know for which issue this ticket has been generated.


      RichardLetts Please provide me correct SQL query for my issue