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    Can't connect Internet sessions ; link invalid or expired


      Hey guys,


      I'm trying out Dameware as a replacement for Logmein, but it seem to only work locally, with users within the organisation firewall. If a user is outside, he can connect to the DameWare Internet Proxy URL, download the agent, but the Mini Remote Control can't connect with the agent.


      In this scenario, the central server is standalone (1 machine) configured using port 11443 (Take note that i tried 443 with same result), the corporate firewall is redirecting this port to the central server and the Mini remote control is on the same subnet as the central server (no firewall). SRV01, a test machine is located outside the corporate firewall. It can connect via the URL to the DameWare Internet proxy URL and installed the agent. It shows as online in the Remote Host.


      Steps :

      1 - MRC start an internet session

      2 - SRV02 manually enter the URL in FireFox

      3 - DameWare open, then it show that the session is not avaiable. (The session shown in the administration console status)



      My Internet proxy config