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    Database Performance Analyzer 12.1 Release Candidate (RC) Now Available


      We are excited to announce that the SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 12.1 Release Candidate (RC) is now available. DPA 12.1 RC is a fully tested and supported version of Database Performance Analyzer. You can upgrade current production servers while retaining your complete configuration and history.


      If you would like to schedule a dev assisted upgrade with us, please visit this page.


      New in this Release

      • Anomaly Detection – Tired of comparing the trends chart with previous days to decide what “normal” looks like?   DPA 12.1 now does the work for you, using a machine learning algorithm to identify which hours are abnormal, and displays the information contextually on the trends page.  Bonus! If DPA detects an anomaly in the last 60 minutes, it changes the wait time status on the home page, letting you quickly identify the database instances your users are waiting on.
      • Management API – The DPA REST API can be used to automate management of the DPA server. It can securely connect to DPA and issue commands to add and remove instances, allocate licenses, stop and start monitors, retrieve and add annotations and more.
      • Java JDK/JRE 11 Upgrade – Are you worried about the license changes coming with Oracle Java? DPA 12.1 now includes OpenJDK 11 which is a free open source implementation of the Java Standard Edition platform with contribution from Oracle and open Java community.
      • Alerting Improvements – Included with this release is the new Database Instance Wait Time Anomaly alert as well as enhancements to alerting thresholds.


      More Information

      1. Read the release notes for DPA 12.1 and our general upgrade guide.
      2. Download the DPA 12.1 Release Candidate software from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
      3. Contact support if you run into any issues.