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    SolarWinds Integration With OpsGenie


      Hey Guys,


      I am new to this forum, so I am unaware of any specific etiquette, nor did I know where to post this (I apologize in advance), so go easy on me .

      So, my company is using SolarWinds monitoring to watch over some web applications we have created as well as a SQL server database.  Everything is set up nicely and we can watch the monitor page to know when something goes wrong.  My job right now is to set up some alerts that integrate with and POST to OpsGenie so that we don't have to watch the monitor page all the time.  I have the alerts set up with trigger conditions and actions, etc., plus the OpsGenie integration template set up with the API key you copy and paste into the trigger actions template in the SolarWinds alert. 

      My problem is, when I go to test my alert it returns, "Failed to execute HTTP request", and I don't know why.  This might be an issue from the OpsGenie side of things, but I am just checking to make sure there is nothing else that needs to be set up on the SolarWinds side in order for these alerts to successfully trigger.


      Thank you!