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    Issue with alert raising




      I've created a map of my site. Each building is represented and if I click one of them I can focus on a list of servers hosted in the relative IT room.

      When a server is down, the red status is raised and on my map, the "red" status is appearing.

      But when a component of the server is faulted, the red status is not propagated to the main map.


      How to raise a visual alarm on the hisghest level when a component  of a server is faulted, not only when the whole server is down?


      Thank you for helping

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          The maps only propagate up the status of the objects that are actually on that map, so if you want the SAM application to change the status of the maps I believe you would need to add them to the map as their own objects.  You can find them by drilling down into the node object in Atlas and then any sam apps would show up there alongside the interfaces and disk volumes on that node.

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            Hi sdoray

            Are you using groups in the maps or are you creating maps and then adding the maps into an overal view?

            when you say component are you referring to a fan or power supply etc? or a custom poller you have created for it?