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    Sending Config Saves to a different server

    pat the hmmm




      Is there a way to save configs from Configuration Manager to more than just the Solarwinds DB?


      From a Configuration Management Job could I send the files to several locations at the sometime?


      We are looking to automate a process where the configs can be saved to two geographic locations so, if one location were to be wiped off the face of the earth, we would have our configs at the other location.



      Thank you, Pat

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          David Smith

          SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager has an in-built feature called Config Archive, which in addition to backing your config to the SQL DB, it also creates a physical copy of your config and places it (by default) on your local Orion server. However, you can send it to a network location which is then backed up on a schedule if you so wish, or you could back up your SolarWinds DB and copy the backup file offsite to a secondary location in case of emergency.


          Goto Settings > All Settings > Product Specific Settings > NCM Settings > Configs

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