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    UDT Misbehaving and oddities

    Craig Norborg

      So, we've been tasked with figuring out when IP Phones move on our network so we can make sure that E-911 information, such as building/room, gets updated when a user moves to a new office.   Seems like a pretty simple task with UDT, right?


      You might think so, but I have been running into difficulties and I think part of it is the application misbehaving to some degree.   When I initially brought the devices into UDT, I had it only monitoring physical interfaces and not those that are normally uplink ports based on our equipment and how we structure things.    The "MAC Move" report has mostly been a failure lately so I've been working on some stuff on my own using the data within UDT.


      However, one thing that initailly mucked things up, and has been a continuous PITA, is that even thought I never told it to monitor virtual interfaces, some VLANs ended up being monitored on quite a few devices.   So, I figured out a couple queries to find and unmonitor the VLAN interfaces, which here they are, pretty simple!


      SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[UDT_Port]

      WHERE (Name LIKE 'VLAN%') AND (IsMonitored = 1)


      Update [dbo].[UDT_Port] SET IsMonitored = 0

      WHERE ((Name LIKE 'VLAN%') OR (NAME LIKE 'Vl%') OR (NAME LIKE 'St%'))  AND (IsMonitored = 1)


      However, even though I'm the only one working with Orion for the most part, some folks are looking at it, the VLAN interfaces once unmonitored are coming back!   The odd things is, its usually VLAN's that start with "1", ie: VLAN-1, VLAN-1002, VLAN-1003, VLAN-1004, VLAN-1005.   It seems to creep back slowly on multiple devices, not all at once.   I've done the above several times and it keeps happening.


      Then today I was working on removing some uplinks that accidentally got managed, not in our usual range of uplinks.   This time I made a query to find all the ports that were managed that had CDP neighbors and weren't normal uplinks (ie: GiX/1/[1-4] and all Ten gig links), I'll include the query at the bottom here, and I was going through the UDT Port Management GUI this time.   Several of the ports, which went to AP's, were currently in a down/down state for whatever reason.   Even though I un-monitored them in the UDT GUI, and they showed unmonitored when I went back to look, in the database in the UDT_Port table the "IsMonitored" state is still showing that it's monitored still.    How does the GUI know that it's not monitored, when the UDT_Ports table doesn't?   Just seemed odd, I would think they should be a 1:1 correspondence, unless the "real" info is kept elsewhere?   It's only for devices that aren't currently connected, all the "up" ports that I un-monitored look fine in the database.


      SELECT TOP 1000 CDP.NodeID, CDP.IfIndex, N.IP_Address, N.SysName, P.IsMonitored, P.Name, CDP.DeviceID AS [Remote Device]

      FROM [dbo].[NodeCiscoCdpEntries] CDP

      JOIN Nodes N ON (N.NodeID = CDP.NodeID)

      JOIN Interfaces I ON ((N.NodeID = I.NodeID) AND (I.InterfaceIndex = CDP.IfIndex))

      JOIN UDT_Port P ON ((N.NodeID = P.NodeID) AND (P.PortIndex = I.InterfaceIndex))

      WHERE NOT((P.Name LIKE 'Gi[1-9]/1/%') OR (P.Name LIKE 'Te%')) AND (IsMonitored = 1)

      ORDER BY NodeID, P.Name


      Has anyone else experienced these?    VLAN interfaces getting spontaneously added at a later time, even though you told it to only do physical interfaces during the import.    VLAN interfaces (or others?) spontaneously getting remonitored again?    Or the state of whether or not an interface is monitored being correct on the web page, but not in the UDT_Ports table?


      I should think that UDT shouldn't be monitoring or adding ports unless directed to do so.

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          Craig Norborg

          I was wondering what might happen if one of the ports that was down came back up and one did!


          So, before it came back up, according to the query above the IsMonitored status was checked in the database.   Now that its up, its still checked as if it was monitored.  However, in the GUI, the "Port Management" part of UDT specifically, it is showing green.   It is also in NodeDetails where UDT added its resource.    In "Port Management" its is acting as if it is not monitored, ie: says "no" in the monitored column...


          Confusing that things don't seem to be synced, maybe its not using the UDT_Ports table for its info.