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    Need help monitoring a Web Service on IIS server




      I'm new to the AppInsight for IIS (my last job did not have this option) and I need to monitor a specific Web Service on this IIS box and I can not seem to find anything in the Admin or Troubleshooting guides for SAM that specifies how to do so. Example. I can see in in a top 20 process monitor under the IIS instance that several of the services are in that group but I do not know how to view all the Web services (not Windows services!). Example: I see couple of services that I need to alert on, BVA.svc and CRM.svc, but I don't see where to go to see ALL services and then how would I alert on them? Do I need to build a component monitor for these particular services? Kind of lost

      I need to confirm I can see them all and then alert of up/down status for them in case they crash. I have submitted a case to SW support but wanted to reach out to thwack community in case you all have any better guidance.



      Thanks in Advance, any help appreciated.