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    Atlas Group Icon


      Does anyone know how to create a group type icon in Network Atlas?  I want to use the US Map as a back ground, then have an icon for each city I have equipment in. I would like the icon over the city to be green if everything in that city is green, otherwise yellow or red if something within that group is broke. 


      Anyone know how to do something like that?

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          You can try and use a group, (it would need to be created in solarwinds). You can then change the graphic so that it takes the image of what you want depicted.

          There are some items that do not roll up in the maps, you'll need to try it out. Search for network atlas and groups.

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            I use a map of the office that I want to see.
            Create a map for an office.
            Add the map to you "US Map".
            You can select the graphic for that object.

            This works well for my environment but there is an issue with the bubble up of interface issues.

            If this way works for you I can share the work around for the issue.

            I hope this answers your question.  Please feel free to contact me.