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    Awesome Network Monitoring Tool!!


      Before we purchased Solarwinds we had been using some other products to monitor our network.  These products were very expensive and extremely time consuming.  It was very difficult to pull reports and gather the data you needed to troubleshoot a problem.  It got to a point that we nearly quit using these products b/c it was such a pain to do anything. 

      We heard about Solarwinds and decided to try the free trial.  It took me only 2 days of using Solarwinds for me to know that we had to have it.  We now have owned Solarwinds for almost a year now and I could not be any more pleased with the performance and ease of use of the software!  We have the Network Performance Monitor, Netflow Traffic Analyzer, Cirrus, and the Engineer's toolset.  All were very easy to set up and we have a great webpage that reports any network problems.  We have only scratched the surface with what Solarwinds can do, but it has already paid for itself easily.  When my manager asks me to look at something on the network, I can do so quickly.  And on top of that we are getting more usable information than we ever thought of with the other products, and best of all, I really enjoy working with the software since it is so easy and user-friendly.  We know more about our network now than we ever have simply b/c Solarwinds makes everything easy to understand.

       Solarwinds hands down has the best comprehensive set network tools I've seen and worked with.  So if you are in need of a tool that will monitor your network and help you troubleshoot network problems, I would strongly recommend Solarwinds.

      To the Solarwinds team, keep up the good work!!!