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    Solarwinds Performance is Horrible after 12.3 upgrade


      I am wondering why the discussion Solarwinds is now horribly unstable.  is locked? For an ongoing issue that we also are experiencing, why would thwack moderators choose to lock the discussion and prevent other customers from weighing in, and asking questions? I am attempting to apply the work around in the post, but I wanted to open another thread since the other one is locked. Hopefuly other customers that have upgraded to 12.3 can communicate on thwack. I found that the memory of the Cortex service was using 24-29GB of the 32GB available on the server of my primary poller, and it causes the web console and polling to not function. I'll reply back to this thread after I apply the proposed work-around on the other thread linked above.


      OUR ENVIRONMENT: Primay Poller (HA Primary), 18 Additional Pollers (9 Active / 9 HA), 2 AWS, Physical SQL Server with 32 cores, 148 GB Memory, Raid 10 LUNs on 3 Par with SSD.

      Network Elements

      TOTAL COUNT81350