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        Anyone run across this issue with IPAM 4.6.  


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          Same issue here.

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            I havent run into this with 4.6, but I believe another hotfix is coming.

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              Upgraded to 4.7 yesterday and it all seems fixed

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                All issues in IPAM 4.6 were resolved with HF3. But yes, IPAM 4.7 has GAed now!

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                  Where can I get this hotfix 3 for 4.6 IPAM.. Only hotfix I see in my portal is hotfix 2. And I'm losing sleep and hair over the IPAM problems in my environment. Would love a hotfix that will stabilize things for me.

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                    The latest update for IPAM is 4.7 HF1 I believe. You can get all hotfixes and module updates using the Orion Online Installer. You should be able to find it in the Solarwinds Customer Portal under Downloads.> Download Product > IPAM (https://customerportal.solarwinds.com/Downloads)


                    Alternatively, you could just go to the Downloads > Hot Fixes > IPAM (https://customerportal.solarwinds.com/HotFixes) if you want to download a specific hot fix. But, like you, I also only see HF2 for 4.6 in that section. I would try the online installer and update to 4.7 HF1.

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                      Well I spent nearly 3 hours with support and was given the answer that I did not want. We upgraded our environment about a month and a half ago to our current versions with reassurance from support saying our problems would get better. And turns out it made our problems worst. IPAM 4.6 with HF3 which turns out we have installed is full of problems. And thus far has been very good at overwhelming the collectors in all our pollers...causing 100% CPU, BSOD and reboots.


                      There response was upgrade to 4.7 with HF 1 to fix the problem. Coming from compounding issues and promises and reassurance that never panned out management is not willing one bit to upgrade. And ready to dump solarwinds for a different solution just due to our experience with reassurance that lead us no where.


                      Worst of all I wish we where on the old way of doing things that allowed us to install modules independently... This way I could fix IPAM without touching the rest of my environment. But apparently that hasn't been an option since solarwinds bundled everything with the upgrades.


                      I have to side with management this time round as "upgrades" are not fixes but rather just a way to force customers into a new product. The answer should never be "Upgrade" when your looking for a fix. Unless you will guarantee me 1000% that the issues we see are permanently fixed. Which in this case support has said they will be fixed and turns out we've gone through several upgrades and the problems are still there. We cannot keep going in this endless loops without putting a conclusion on the problem at hand. We have so so many compounding issues all the way from version 11 that is causing us huge heads.


                      I've offered to do a clean slate but management highly highly denied that option and asked me never to bring it up again. Instead telling me to fix the problems at hand that feel never ending. I've used the net, I've used loop1, I've used thwack, I have hundreds upon hundreds of support tickets and the issues are still there.


                      Tell me what incentive I have currently to not turn around and tell management lets drop solarwinds? I personally prefer the software (When it works right). It's strong and offers awesome values. But in our case so far it's just proven to be dead weight.


                      I apologize if I sound frustrated and hot. But I'm tired of the fast rate of upgrades that solarwinds is putting out without proper quality assurance. I remember for example version 10.4.2 long ago with the proper hotfixes applied that was the most stable version I've ever used. That version was solid. Then after that the fast train took off and quality went down hill. I've heard other admins running rock solid environments, but even checking their logs we still find errors. It's annoying.


                      Again I have to apologize a second time. I don't mean to lose my cool but this is getting to me. I need results and they aren't coming to me. If I could talk to a product manager a developer... Anyone that can cut me a small break and work with me as an exception to the rule. Not only will solarwinds retain a customer but we have plans to add more licenses if only we can get this environment working as expected.



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