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    Access denied on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\root\cimv2


      I have been performing a WMI test on my solarwinds box to attempt to connect to some servers that are having difficulty connecting to services on five different servers (I hope that makes sense??)  So I used a service account (that's a domain admin) to attempt to connect to the particular citrix server to monitor the services.  I am using WMI tester (wbemtest.exe) and attempting to connect to one of the servers with the service account (I can logon vie the service account and telnet) but get an access denied to access the root\cimv2 folder. 

      I have allowed full access (I will tone it down when it works) to both the root and the folder.


      I then try my own credentials and it is perfectly fine.

      I think it must be some odd permissions in my profile and then copy all permissions from my profile to the service account... ... I still receive 'access is denied'


      So what's the deal, am I missing something here?