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    Interface Downtime Report

    mai le

      Hi everyone,


      I'm using Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor SLX license 3 years. I want to creat a interface downtime report for specific interfaces.

      I modified Interface downtime summarize - Last 7 days report. When I view report, It shows start datetime, final datetime, status and duration time. So status is meaning? I think result is downtime of interfaces, but it is not correct.

      Please explain for me.

      And how can I create interface downtime report?




        • Re: Interface Downtime Report

          You need to do an interface availability report. This shows you the downtime. custom chart, select interfaces instead of nodes, select specific objects, select the interfaces you want in your data source. When in the configuration page select add on the x axis and look for percentage availability, select hourly time period, select percentage under the other dropdown. Submit and when out specify the time period you want the report to be.